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The Executive Committee of the Language, Culture and Mind conference series recommended our bid and the General Assembly accepted it: the next, 6th Language, Culture and Mind Conference will be held in Lublin in 2014.

See you in Lublin!

Below you find the letter from the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin

The Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin declares the will to organize the 6th edition of the Language Culture and Mind conference in Lublin.

The Authorities of the Faculty agree to the requirements as presented here. The Faculty will support organizationally the event: it will make available for the conference participants necessary places: the large lecture hall (up to 200 people), 4 classrooms (up to 50 people each), a computer workroom and a place for registration at no additional cost.
The support envisions also organization of an “young researchers workshop” and a social event for conference participants: the latter could be organized in one of the most beautiful Polish cities: Kazimierz Dolny  (“the city of artists”) or in Nałęczów (the health-resort near Lublin).
There is also a possibility of a financial support (the details, however, depend on settlements with the LCM Committee).

The Faculty is prepared substantially: the Departments within the Faculty have been doing research on language from logical, philosophical, cognitive, social perspectives; the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science has become an important research centre in the fields of philosophy of language and semiotics since 1980’s; the Department was responsible for the unique in Poland program of Language and Communiacation Studies.
We would like to cooperate in organization of the conference with the Institute of English and the Institute of Cultural Studies.

The website presents the city of Lublin, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology (which would be responsible for the organization of the conference) and some practical information concerning travelling to Lublin, accomodation and tourist attractions – in Lublin and Lubelskie Region.

In a case of any questions, comments etc you can contact Piotr Konderak, kondorp[at]

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